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Stroke Fundamentals


If you know that your swimmers need to improve their skills to keep getting faster, but you’re struggling to make that happen, keep reading…


The reality is that fast swimmers are GOOD swimmers.


They’re skilled swimmers.


To help swimmers go fast, as coaches, we have to help them improve their skills.


And that’s where things get tough.


The first step to helping swimmers improve their skills is knowing WHAT they have to improve.


Unfortunately, there is a LOT of information out there about what skills swimmers need to improve, and it can be difficult to know where it to start.


The solution isn’t more information, it’s better information and it’s clearer information.


Rather than making swimming more complicated, the answer is a simple approach focused on the fundamentals.


The purpose of Stroke Fundamentals is to provide clarity.

In my BOOK, I talked a lot about the big picture strategies for improving skills.

But I didn't talk as much about the specific skills swimmers need to learn in each stroke, and I didn't provide specific strategies to make that happen.

That's where Stroke Fundamentals comes in.

Here's what's included...

When you know exactly what you need to improve, it's going to be a lot easier to help swimmers go fast.

I'll show you the fundamental principles of fast swimming, and how they apply to each stroke.

We'll cover the key aspects of each stroke, and the fundamental building blocks and skills that create speed across all strokes.

There will be plenty of videos so that you can actually start to see these skills.

Body position and alignment, from pulling to kicking, timing.

It's all there.


That way you can understand how these skills create speed and you can SEE these skills so you can help YOUR swimmers swim fast.


By having a clear understanding of what REALLY matters, it’s much easier to start designing training sessions to help swimmers learn these skills.


There’s no more confusion.


If you don’t consider yourself an expert at skills, I’ll help you understand exactly what you need to know.


Once you understand the key skills, you ARE an expert.


And if you already are an expert, I’ll help you stay focused on what really matters.


But you don't just want to know what needs to happen, you want to know HOW to make it happen.

I show you my favorite strategies for developing the fundamental skills, I show you why they work, and I show you how to use them.

Most importantly, these strategies work across all ages and ability levels.

Even then, I provide you with some guidance for how to tweak your approach depending on who you're working with.

Much of it is geared toward learning the fundamental skills in ways that allow swimmers to figure out the best solution for them and their current skills, whether that's body position, setting up a great stroke, or swimming with great timing.

Just as importantly, there's a section on troubleshooting skills and how to determine if you what you're doing is working.

To make sure practice doesn't get monotonous even though you're working on the same skills, I'll provide you with lots of strategies for doing different variations of the same exercises.

Everything is designed to help you help your swimmers go faster.


When you have effective tools for developing the key skills, you have the knowledge you need to create change and help swimmers go fast.

Then all you have to do is decide what skills you want to develop and start using the appropriate activities, all while training hard.

Then, to make sure you know how to use these activities, I provide you with some basic strategies for integrating these activities into your training sets.


As a result, you'll be equipped with the tools to help swimmers develop their skills and swim fast.


You’ll know exactly what skills need to be improved, and you’ll know how to develop those skills as an organic part of the training process.


As a bonus, you’ll get the following:


  • To make sure you can visualize and see the key skills, video files describing the fundamental skills, as well as unlisted YouTube links to the videos

  • To make sure you know what needs to happen during each drill, video files for all drills

  • To make sure you can quickly choose the appropriate training activities, skill and drill checklists with links to accompanying unlisted YouTube videos

  • To make sure you know how to create effective sets, 20+ sets putting these ideas into practice

  • To make sure you understand how to create your own sets, video descriptions of the sets, both in file format and unlisted YouTube videos

  • To make sure you can make get more out of any set you design, strategies for building skills in any stroke


I want to provide you with all the information you need to improve your swimmers’ skills, specifically the skills that actually build speed.


If you’re tired of not knowing which skills to develop, or how to develop them, check out the Stroke Fundamental series.

And these resources come with a 100% lifetime guarantee.  If you're ever unhappy with your purchase, I'll refund your money no questions asked.

There's no risk and there's no reason not to get started.

If want to improve your swimmers' skills across every stroke, you can get all 5 strokes for only $107.  But because you're someone that's taken a particular interest in my ideas, you can access everything for only $67.  


You'll get everything you need to take all your swimmers' skills to the next level, for less than half the price of all the individual books.

And if you learn one thing that helps your swimmers' go faster, that's going to keep them engaged in the sport, having fun, and happy to be part of your team.

That's worth a whole lot more than $67.


You'll have even more resources to help your swimmers go fast.

Grab your copy NOW!


Keep it simple…




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If there is some other technological barrier, please e-mail and we'll figure it out.

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