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Speed in the water comes from possessing great skills and having the fitness to execute those skills at race intensity.


Nothing is more frustrating than seeing swimmers progress to senior swimming without learning the skills to succeed at that level.


Yet it happens all the time.


Coaches face a lot of obstacles when trying to do their job.


There is often little connection between skill development and training, with swimmers seemingly forgetting everything they ever learned as soon as the work gets difficult.


Many coaches are working with large groups, making it difficult or impossible to provide consistent instruction or feedback.


While staff turnover is present in any organization, it is particularly harmful to younger swimmers as there is often little consistency in what is taught to swimmers, unless there is a plan in place for what should be learned and how to deliver it.


As clubs and programs scale, these challenges only become more significant.


I help swimming clubs improve performance and streamline the operational challenges of managing 100s-1000s of athletes and staff by working to integrate a skill development plan aligned with your current training philosophy, from age group to senior swimming. 


If you’re looking for help in overcoming these challenges, reach out to me below.






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