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Get Started

If you’re looking to design sets that train AND teach, here’s how to get started.


A Starting Point


These are the fundamental principles I believe to be true.  


They underlie everything that I write and speak about.




These are the resources that have informed my ideas.


If you want a deeper perspective, check these out.


The Book


In one place, you get all of the most important ideas surrounding systematic skill development, and practical examples of how to make it happen.


Write Your First Set That Trains AND Teaches


This short, free video course will show you how to design sets that train AND teach.  It’s 100% practical.


Top Articles


Below are articles that highlight many of the key ideas, broken 


Swimming Skill


On Models and Principles

The Strokes Simplified I- Introduction

The Strokes Simplified II- Backstroke

The Strokes Simplified III- Breaststroke 

The Strokes Simplified IV- Freestyle

The Strokes Simplified V- Butterfly

The Strokes Simplified VI- Underwater Kicking




Let's Talk About Our Feelings I

Let's Talk About Our Feelings II


Push The Hammer

Riddle Me This


Time for a Change I

Time for a Change II

Time for a Change III

Time for a Change IV

Break it Down

The Error is the Way

One Thing

The Big Question

Goal Directed

Different is the Difference

Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone

It's Not What You See, It's What You Don't See




Living on the Edge


Cause or Effect?

On a Roll

The Trinity




Find a Mentor




Lessons in Leadership

Conflict in Coaching

What's The Cost?


Communication, Beliefs, and Tone

Got It

A Lesson From Literature

Simplifying Sports Psychology

The Price of Gold

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