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This blog will not be about offering simple solutions or advice. It will be about offering a different perspective. It will be about offering possibilities. It is about the opportunity to explore and challenge ideas, looking not so much about what is, but what can be.

The primary focus will be on facilitating skill acquisition through effective coaching, while also examining socio-cultural questions that explore some of the unintended consequences of our coaching decisions.

I have chosen to place my focus on these domains as considerable attention has already been placed on the physiological and physical components. I feel this emphasis understandably originates from the palpability of the physical, as well as the considerable scientific research into the physiology of performance, both of which serve to validate the physiological component as ‘real’.

This does not render the less tangible, less quantifiable, less visible components of performance less relevant. In fact, because they are more difficult to examine and consequently unexplored, they are most relevant for future progress.

The hope is to address and create dialogue about the aspects of our sport that are typically only referenced cursory manner. Importantly, I feel these issues must be examined if the coaching profession is to continue to move forward through comprehensively enhancing our skillsets, and rise to the challenge of meeting the needs of an ever-changing demographic of would-be swimmers.

Chasing Flow.

It represents the pursuit, the hunt, the search. It implies the process independent of the destination, a destination where, if reached, everything comes together, seamlessly.

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