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What's The Cost?

All four coaches have experienced unparalleled success.

All four possessed an incredible knowledge of their respective sports.

All four coaches could teach exceptionally well.

All four coaches held their athletes accountable to their goals.

All four coaches put tremendous value on incredibly hard work.

All four coaches cared about their athletes deeply and showed it through their actions.

Yet the former coaches chose to create a culture and environment that contrasted greatly with the culture and environment created by the latter coaches. Two lead with fear. Two lead with love.

In the end, the results were the same.


For those looking for progress, when results are equivalent, the question becomes, what’s the cost?

In reflecting on our own coaching behaviors, it is worth considering not only the positive impacts we make, but also the ways in which our well-intentioned choices are creating unintended negative consequences.

Once recognized, what do we do about those consequences?

How do we get better?

All four books are excellent and insightful. I encourage you to read them. They’re available for pennies.

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